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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Its Treatment

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Obstructive sleep apnoea is a condition in which air flow comes to a halt or decreases in the course of breathing when a person is sleeping. This is usually caused by the narrowing or blocking of the air path during sleep.

The sudden pause in breathing is what is referred to as apnea or an apnoea period. When the movement of air during breathing decreases, the condition is called a hypnopnea period. Research has been able to show that most of the world’s population experiences episodes of epnoea.

What causes the epnoea episode? The episode is mainly caused by poor sleeping postures. During sleep, it has been found that all the muscles in the body tend to relax. Some cases of this condition can be cured by Invisalign dentistry in Sydney. It is very pertinent for the air path to remain open during sleep because if this were not the case; it would not have been easy for the air to move and go as far as the lungs. The end result would be inadequate gaseous exchange in the lungs. Usually, the upper part of the throat does not close completely even when the person falls asleep. The main essence of doing this is to allow the continued entry of air into the lungs. This is what helps every human being’s lungs to continue receiving air even when the person is sleeping.

The individual who has obstructive sleep apnoea may not usually know that one has the syndrome. However, the people around will be able to notice, particularly because the condition is accompanied by snoring. The condition can go undetected for many years because some people may not take it serious. Sometimes the syndrome might not be detected if the affected individual lives alone or if the people around do not make an indication to the person.

The most common symptom of the syndrome is unaccounted for sleepiness during day time. This may happen even if the individual was not engaged in any strenuous exercise prior to the time one starts feeling sleepy. Another common symptom is loud snoring during sleep and having sleep that is restless. Some symptoms are less common and these include headaches in the morning, insomnia or lack of sleep, mood swings which can be likened to irritability and increased nervousness along with depression. Other symptoms of has obstructive sleep apnoea are accelerated heart rate, some people even gain weight and others have reduced sexual appetite. If you experience the first two symptoms along with most of the secondary symptoms, then you probably have to see a medical doctor for treatment. Some people may even have trouble concentrating.

Symptoms such as the ones indicated above can be treated by Invisalign dentistry in Sydney. This is the dentistry that has the necessary equipment and the reliable experts to help you get over your condition. Take this condition to be very serious because it can result in various catastrophes such sleeping while driving. Do not hesitate to visit dentistry Sydney for treatment.

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