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The Basic Insulation Materials Available for You

by joannebarragan

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Similar to roofing materials, roof insulation is available in a vast variety of materials: mineral wool, polyurethane foam, polystyrene, phenolic foam—the list goes on. A well-insulated roof keeps the home toasty in winter season and cool in summer, and also facilitate a longer lifespan. Selecting the right material, for that reason, is of utmost significance.

The numerous insulating materials easily available today have various R ratings (a measure of insulating efficiency) and each is suited for a particular kind of roof. A trusted Des Moines roofing contractor can assist you in finding out which one is proper for your roof.

Polyisocyanurate is a kind of foamed plastic that is generally sandwiched in between organic felt, glass fiber or glass-fiber-reinforced aluminum facers. A blowing agent, typically pentane, expands the foam material and generates a closed-cell structure, which gives this material its high thermal resistance. While air diffusion outcomes in a light decrease of thermal resistance as time pass, the insulating effectiveness of polyisocyanurate remains superior to various other rigid insulations. Polystyrene insulation is available in 2 types: expanded and extruded. Expanded polystyrene is made of polystyrene polymer impregnated with a foaming agent. Exposed to heat, the material expands and is molded into a uniform, closed-cell structure. It is made in a variety of densities, ranging from about 0.70 to 3 pounds per cubic foot; a large number of roof covering manufacturers, however, need a minimum density of 1.25 per cubic foot. Expanded polystyrene, on the other hand, is obtainable as flat boards or tapered boards.

Wood fiber is an organic insulating material that consists of vegetable fibers, wood, or cane combined with different types of fillers and binders. It is provided only in flat boards. This particular insulation material is either coated or impregnated with asphalt to add more moisture resistance. The asphalt-impregnated kind must be selected if your roof covering is not compatible with asphalt-based coatings.

Getting the suitable insulation material that prolongs a roof system's service life is crucial, but it is merely among the factors to be taken into consideration. A trusted roofing contractor in Federal Way or Des Moines also accounts for the building's thermal necessities, and will see to it that it adheres to energy codes and complies with insurance company requirements. For more related information on home roofing insulation, visit

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