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Maryland Roofing Contractors on Choosing Reliable Roofs

by luemadson

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After the current damage brought upon by Hurricane Sandy, established Maryland roofing contractors solidly promote their consumers to opt for sturdier roof coverings. Roofing systems designed with stronger materials have a higher chance of securing homes properly, efficiently decreasing the repairs needed following a storm. Exceptional roofs can keep a household secure and comfortable in any form of weather condition.

Roof deck

Like any structure, a good roof requires a sturdy bedrock. To help hold its form and stand up to leaking or breaking, a roof is in need of a strong roof deck. These flat panels made of plywood are designed to carry the weight of the rest of the roof well, and can withstand leaking thanks to the protective layers laid onto it.


The underlayment is put on the roof deck to prevent moisture and rainwater from trickling through the roof and into the ceiling. This is commonly made with felt paper or rubber membrane that is attached onto the roof deck. Technological breakthroughs include having the membrane underlayment spread out to surround the shafts of the nails, keeping leaking there.

Ice and water shield

Some roofs also have an ice and water shield made with rubber membrane laid over the underlayment. This serves in cool regions like Maryland where snow can become very excessive and cause frost to develop under the shingles. This hinders leaking on the underlayment, thereby stopping continued trouble on the roofing system. Some examples of ice and water shields are self-adhesive, and involve the assistance of seasoned roofers to apply.


Shingles are the most frequently utilized roofing materials in the country because these are as tough as they are attractive. There are many various types of shingles, but asphalt shingles are clearly among the most dependable shingles in the marketplace because they are good imitations of other roofing materials without the cons. Asphalt shingles are produced with fiberglass mats covered with asphalt and colored granules that make these shingles as tough and water-resistant as they are stunning.

Maryland roof repair contractors advise starter shingles and shingle caps. Starter shingles are a row of shingles along the eaves of the roofing system and act as a bedrock for all other shingles. The shingle caps protect the rest of the roofing from rain from the ridge. For more information, see

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