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One of the Huge Triumphs of Indianapolis Indiana Hyundai

by carrydemaggio

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If it's likely for a vehicle to show how far Korean automakers have come, that vehicle would be the Hyundai Elantra. It is without a doubt one of the finest compact sedans out there today, and one of the greatest new-car values in recent memory. With its increased gas mileage, large interior, and uncomplicated control panel, it's no surprise why individuals are gushing once they spot the automobile in an Indianapolis Indiana Hyundai dealership.

The Hyundai Elantra got top honors in the most exclusive car award in North America, being named the 2012 Car of the Year. The car was voted on by a jury of 50 North American journalists who examined the Elantra together with the Volkswagen Passat, the Ford Focus, and 14 other car brands and models. The award was revealed at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Part of the reason the Elantra prevailed is its classy "fluidic sculpture" styling motif. It catapults the Elantra out of the calm appearance of its former models into a sportier and contemporary space. Examining the automobile from certain angles, the Elantra appears to be a fierce animal set to dive; the rear door style, particularly, makes it look like the vehicle is in constant motion.

The interior also needs to be indicated, as it offers more class than the swoopy, overworked lines of previous models. Most evident is the hourglass form of the center console; it is a rejuvenating and distinctive thing to check out. That's a lot to say for a product that, before, integrated patterns that could be found in vehicles of other producers. The look of the center console plainly oozes with confidence this time.

Hyundai rolled down the Elantra's 2.0 liter four-cylinder motor to 1.8 liters this time around, but power stays more than adequate. With 131 pound-feet of torque and 148 horsepower, the vehicle performs very well whether on automatic or manual transmission. This is because of a lightweight body that weighs less than 2,700 pounds.

All the good things about the Elantra can not all be said in one go. Visit an Indianapolis Hyundai dealer near you to see what the automobile can offer. Understand more about this distinct auto model on

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