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Different Ways That Enable You to Protect data

by tompatrick

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I believe all of you, like me, must have encountered data loss while working on your computer systems. Also, some experts do believe that 'Data loss is inevitable' and no matter how much you try to protect your data, it would meet its 'fate' some time or the other. Having said that, you should always strive to safeguard your data using appropriate corrective measures than to repent later. But, if you lose your data then you can always recover it using a third-party data recovery software.

There are different types of causes that can cause data loss from your system. Some of them are listed here:

User action: Sometimes, you delete some files only to realize later that these files were needed.

Accidents: This includes accidentally deleting the files such as blanket deletion, shift-deleting the files, etc. Also, issues like not reading the removable storage media also contribute to this point.

System or infrastructure problems: Infrastructure problems such as power cuts or persistent software crashes can lead to data loss as you may not be able to save the files.

External factors: External factors like earthquakes, floods, fire accidents, etc can severely damage the storage media.

External interference: Such points include intrusion of your system by some hacker, virus infections, or due to theft cases you can lose the valuable data.

To counter these mentioned causes of data loss, you can perform several corrective measures. Some of them are discussed here:

Taking routine backups: You should take backup of the data on some removable storage media. Also, you should ensure that the backup is updated from time to time.
Using RAID servers: You can opt for using RAID servers as these servers contain all the data in multiple servers. If one of the server crashes, then data can be retrieved from any other server.

Using updated antivirus: You should always use a good antivirus with updated virus definitions to ward-off any danger of viruses.

Providing user education: The end user should be informed about how to safeguard the data against various threats.

However, if you still face data loss even after practicing these measures, then you should use a third-party data recovery tools to recover all the inaccessible data. These tools are read-only in nature that do not modify the files while recovering them.
Of various file recovery utilities that perform file data recovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the most reliable software. With the ability to recover lost, deleted, or formatted files even from inaccessible systems and storage devices such as hard drives, external HDDs, memory cards, iPods, etc, this RAID data recovery software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4(SP6).

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