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Betrothal Diamond engagement ring

by seobromino

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Diamond engagement ring is a promise to live together for lifetime .It is like an oath before marriage, as commitment to marry each other. And at the time of marriage then the bride and the bridegroom takes oath individually to live together forever and ever. Diamond is the best gift which a man gives to her women whom he love and claim to be his own.

In ancient times the Europeans considered the tradition of Diamond as the betrothal ring, a symbol of commitment by one person to another to marry each other .The commitment for marriage is one of the difficult decisions to make from the past till present. The first thought on how one can spend the whole life with one person scare us from the idea of marriage, but in our society there are certain rules which one has to abide to maintain discipline in lives. And marriage is one such rule which is enforced by our society to bind a couple into a discipline life ,this is celebrated as joyous and memorable event in one’s life where not only the couple but their near and dear ones also participate as an event to celebrate together. We all love to attend wedding ceremonies, and lot of expenditure is the part of this great event in one’s life. And the diamond ring is one good investment on the occasion.


<a href="">Diamond engagement rings</a>  comes in many types of cuts ,and based on cuts the most popular types of engagement rings are  round, emerald, princess, oval and marquis…..

Round cut or shaped diamond has correct proportion of greatest number of facets which makes it spark more due to its wide reflection property, on the contrary the emerald cut has fewer aspect of light reflection property, so if we choose a bigger size emerald cut diamond then the shine is intensified.

The marquis cut are pointed on both side and this is most commonly admired cut by the women. The diamond engagement ring is a ring which is worn by the women all through her life, so if you want it to be your daily wear,then you need to choose a diamond ring with strong prong style to hold your diamond stone strongly to give you free of mind approach from loosing it while at work or not at work .

The <a href="">diamond engagement rings</a>   are good investment for your future as the price of diamond never diminishes with the passage of time. And diamonds looks good in every kind of design from conventional to contemporary styles. The diamonds are engraved in metal like gold, platinum etc. The gold has two variant: White gold and Yellow gold. The yellow gold acquires the innate yellow color from the element of copper mixed into it where as the white gold is white due to the presence of silver or platinum mixed into it. Both the variant of Gold is used with diamond and the hardest of all is the platinum gold which has a robust structure just after diamond.


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