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System Features and Selection of Grinding Equipment

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     Various grinding equipment and systems has its own characteristics, combined with the characteristics of the material, wearing parts, materials, and equipment large, we consider choosing the options as follows.
1.Analysis from mill model
(1) Ball mill used in cement industry has a long history, Ball Mill has strong adaptability to raw materials, large crushing ratio, dry and wet work are feasible, it can also bake and grind at the same time, simple structure, reliable operation, strong production capacity, in the new type of production line, it is used in the new production of the raw material, coal and cement grinding. The biggest drawbacks are the high energy consumption, big noise, low grinding efficiency, the selection rate of ball mill is declining.
(2) The major advantages of the roller mill improved after years of research: ① high efficiency of grinding and drying efficiency; (2) allow a person to wear a large size (generally 5% roll diameter, large, up to80mm or more), to allow the high moisture content of raw materials; ③ The running noise is low; ④ shorter residence time of the material in the mill. The production adjustment control fineness change rapidly; ⑤ high efficiency of operation, the material is improved, the working life of grinding roller and chassis is up to 8000-12000h, the equipment annual operation rate is up to 85 per cent; ⑥ wind broom conveying, product uniformity, it is conducive to the clinker.
2. Analysis from system requirements
     Raw material is characterized by its main raw ingredients with moisture and its task of burden, due to the raw material powder has lower requirements for fineness and particle size, in addition to grinding capacity and drying capability, so the system can also rapidly adjust the ratio of raw materials. Commonly that used in the type of raw material grinding mill: roller mill, unloading drying grinding. Roller mill has strong drying ability, good energy-saving effect, but the short residence time of the material in the grinding indoor is conducive to fast batching and automatic control. More information on ball mills, welcome to visit our company.

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