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Sound-surrounding San Diego Audio Video Systems

by louisahemstreet

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Should you find yourself seeing a movie in a cinema that uses Dolby 5.1 surround sound, know that that implies they have one subwoofer and five speakers positioned in several parts of the cinema. The common plan for a 5.1 system is as follows: center, left, right, left surround and right surround. For clear sound, it should not originate from one direction only.

Lots of people think that a sound system is great as long as it could be heard for a number of feet. However if the noise will just come from, say, the built-in speakers of the television system, the crowd will not be picking up much conversation or discussion. For clearer sound, San Diego audio video equipment is usually spread out over the whole venue. Aside from that, there are other explanations to get such a sound system, whether or not you'll be hosting a motion picture marathon.

Symphonic instruments

In a number of orchestrations, certain instruments just arise from one particular speaker rather than the whole system. Because of this, the sounds of instruments within the musical score do not sink each other out, permitting the audience to hear them distinctly. The same can be said when someone sings with instrumental accompaniment.

Certain stations

Sound loses out its energy the much longer and farther it travels within a room; having only inbuilt speakers in the television system may make the sounds rather inaudible. By supplying audio from different corners of an area, specific audios could be picked up before the total combined energy dissipates. Surround sound lets you listen to the sounds a lot more clearly.


Don't you simply hate it when the right side appears louder than the left? Surround sound systems like those in Crestron in San Diego are similarly spread over the area-- 2 speakers in front, 2 speakers at the back, and a center speaker. Surround systems offer well balanced sounds that are pleasurable to your ears. Unfortunately, for 2.1 systems (two presenters and a subwoofer), audio will come only from the right and left.

Still asking yourself whether or not to invest in surround audio system? Check out the way in which Dolby does it at their web site at You can also go to for a briefer on surround sound.

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