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Indulge yourself in a cultural and historic treat in Istanbu

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Guess, which is the only city in the world that has its footing in two continents- Europe and Asia?  It is the incredible Istanbul! Due to its location, the city has not only been an important business hub, but also has been attracting tourists for ages. It is a fascinating Turkish city, which owes its affluent past to three great empires- the Roman, the Christian Byzantine and Islamic Ottoman. The cultures and traditions of these empires still charm the travelers.


No sooner you reach the place than you will be enthralled by its exceptional traditions, which are mingle of the ancient and the modern and enjoy its considerable charms. On your visit here, there is so much that you might get confused as to what to see and what to miss! So, as you onboard any of the flights to Istanbul, it’s important that you are well-aware of those sights and sounds of the city, which are measured a must-see for any traveler who is visiting this mesmerizing city!


You could start your voyage with a visit to the Topikapi Palace Museum. Located on one of the hills surrounding the city, it was once the residence of one of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. A visit here is a must if you want an imminent into the brilliantly lavish lives of the resplendently well-off Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The colossal palace with its interrelating patios, fountains, terraces, elegantly designed rooms and sophisticated gateways gives an amazing sight to behold.


If you want to know and explore more about the history of the place, then make sure you visit yet another monument of the Byzantium times, the Hagia Sophia, also known as the ‘Aya Sofya’. One of the most popular tourist attraction of the city, it is conceivably the finest symbol of this exciting city which was the center of three great empires. It was a church all through the Christian Byzantine empire and then as a mosque during the Islamic Ottoman empire! Interesting, isn’t it! The city is loaded with such interesting and out of the ordinary sites and activities.


Another must-do on any trip to the city is to take a boat ride on the River Bosphorus. Throughout the boat ride you get to sail past numerous attention-grabbing palaces, forts, customary wooden Ottoman homes and the huge suspension bridges, the Bosphorus Bridge and the Faith Bridge, which are the essential connections between the two continents that are bestrides by this splendid city. Make sure, you also take out time to visit the vibrant and lively bazaars of the city. They are an experience of a sort! You will be amazed the works of art and the exclusivity of the items that are sold here.


When the city offers so much, little wonder that thousands of tourists visit the place every year. So, you also make plans, book your tickets on any of the flights to Istanbul and stroll up and down this amazing city!


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