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Effective Laser Hair Removal Process for Unwanted Body Hair

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The efficacy of laser hair removal is widely accepted now. It is highly practiced in clinics for consumer self treatment. This is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which is non-invasive and convenient method to reduce the growth of hair.



The main principle behind this technique is selective photo-thermolysis which means matching of certain wavelength of light and pulse duration so that the optimal effect on the target tissues can be obtained. This will also cause a minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. Laser effect is localized as it will only heat the melanin of the target area which induces hair growth while preventing all the other parts of the skin. It is a well known fact that generally dark objects absorb light and thus dark melanin absorb light with better speed and intensity.



Melanin is the main chromophore of the hair removal lasers on the market today. It is naturally occurring substance in the skin which imparts color to the hair and skin. Melanin can be of two types. One is eumelanin which is responsible for black and brown color while another one is pheomelanin giving blonde and red color to the hair. As laser photons are selectively absorbed, only black and brown colors absorb it and get removed. The ideal combination for laser hair removal is the light skin and dark hair individually. However, developments have been made in this field and now dark skinned individuals can also target their dark hair with the laser methods.



Time taken:



The time taken by this laser hair removal technique depends on the area to be treated. The whole process may take several minutes to a few hours. Generally, the low energy laser beam is utilized in the process. The beam penetrates the skin and reaches to the hair follicle. All the hair follicles which are in the active growth stage are disabled for further growth. All other follicles which are not in the growth stage remain unaffected by this process. There is minimal pain which do not require any anesthesia.



Some benefits of this technique:



  • Non invasive and gentle process which can remove all the unwanted body hairs


  • Large areas can be effectively treated as it can disable more than one hair at a time.


  • Skin color and complexion is made uniform


  • Minimal of discomfort


  • You are free from waxing, electrolysis, and shaving and bleeding


  • No downtime


Some important considerations:


  • As only the hair in the active stage is affected by this technique, multiple sessions are required.


  • A high energy beam is avoided to minimize the risk caused to the adjacent skin.


  • Slight redness and mild swelling can be observed around the hairs.


  • Blond, gray and white hair responds less as they contain lesser hair pigment.


  • It is advised to apply sunscreen on the treated area.

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