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Wedding photography: 3 questions to ask before hiring a wedd

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Choosing a wedding photographer is a job which must not be taken lightly. Wedding is not like your birthday which will come every year. It is a one-time event and requires meticulous planning so that nothing goes wrong. How annoying and doleful it would be if your hired photographer turns out to be nothing more than amateurish and disappoints you with his images! There will be no turning back at that point of time and you will have to carry the regret for the rest of your life. Once you have finalized your wedding date and venue, give priority to the photographer and try to book him for the allotted date.

You are not living in the age of mid-20th century when black & white photographs ruled the roost and you didn’t have the luxury of choices. Now, thanks to smarter technology, you can opt for various kinds of wedding photography including destination and reportage photography. The number of photographers has also gone up. Still, some may be part-timers and hence may not proffer you the best service. An ideal wedding photographer London is one who is completely professional and knee-deep into this field. You can easily come across hundreds of photographers using your search engine on the internet. But ask yourself a few questions before hiring the guy. Here are some of the questions:

a. Is he experienced: One of the questions you need to ask yourself is whether the guy you want to hire has the experience or not! Surely, you won’t want your wedding to be his first brush with wedding photography. It is always a safe bet to hire someone who has already covered a few weddings and with reasonable amount of success. An experienced photographer with an old camera is worth two amateurish ones with new cameras!

b. Is he thoroughly professional: It won’t do you any harm to do a bit of background search on the profile of the photographer! You simply need to figure out whether he is professional or whether he works as a photographer on a part-time basis, say on weekends. To be on the safe side, always hire someone whose sole profession is photography! A top wedding photographer usually maintains his own website where he uploads some of his pictures and gives a brief about himself. You can make an estimation of his caliber and passion by going through his data and works.

c. What association or network does he have: Generally, we all like to place our faith on someone who is attached to an association or has a powerful network of assistants and co-workers with him! If you hire an unknown, unheard, unseen wedding photographer London about whom you haven’t got much detail, then it can be catastrophic if he backs out at the last moment or fails to turn up on the big wedding day! Professional websites have backups and equally talented co-photographers to take care of the need if the booked photographer falls ill or is unable to attend to your services owing to some reason.

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