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Prudent Choice for Getting Good Results of Teeth Whitening

by paulscharles

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There are so many reasons to develop dark and yellow stained teeth. People may develop stained teeth due to tobacco chewing, smoking and coffee intake.  So, in order to remove the stains from the teeth to whiten teeth, a number of natural products are available. But before using this one should consult the dentist.  A number of products are used in the process of teeth whitening. These products can be used in home safely.


These products include some chemical products and some physical agents. In some cases the chemicals are used in conjunction to the physical agents like laser LED. The teeth whitening gel and other products contain chemicals like carbamide peroxide. The purpose is to bleach the stained teeth by using this bleaching agent. The gel is also available with different strengths of carbamide. Light-white photo initiator gel is used in conjunction with the laser light. Generally blue laser is used in that tiny device.

Apart from the gels and laser devices used to whiten teeth, another product is used for this purpose.  This is known as teeth whitening pen. It is used for the instant whitening. It also can be used in work and vacations for the touch–up purpose. The pen contains carbamide peroxide and applied on the stained teeth to remove the dark and yellowish stains.

Other devices are used for these purposes like the thermo forming mouth tray and it is moulded to fit.  It is generally used after brushing the teeth. A number of such products to whiten teeth are found in the market, and hence people need to make a smart choice regarding these products.

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