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What better way to view London than on your own bicycle tour

by jamesonaugust

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London is becoming more and more health conscious and have taken a leaf out of Amsterdam’s book by promoting it’s very own cycling culture. Cycling in London is a cheap and often quicker way of seeing the city and the number of journeys made by two wheels has doubled in the last two years. Two years ago saw the birth of the Barclays Cycle Hire, where docking stations were placed in nine central boroughs around London at 400 docking stations. Because of the popularity of the short-term bike rental, the number of stations have now been expanded with a total of 8000 bicycles to ease Londoners journeys. 


Bicycle trips around London have been made even easier with many improvements being made to London’s cycle routes. There’s now more cycle lanes than ever before and an awareness for cyclists through government driver awareness campaigns. Cycling is a great way to explore the city and the ‘Boris bikes’ are available to everyone to use, including tourists and are perfect for those short trips around the city. All you have to do is swipe your membership key or credit card, take your bike and go, then return your bike to one of the many docking stations across London and its Royal Parks, once you’ve finished your journey.


If you’re wanting to see London over a longer period of time, such as a full day, it would be worth considering other options. You could rent a bicycle for a whole day or longer, from one of London’s bike hire companies. Or if you prefer to be within a group, then join a bicycle group tour, perfect for hours of sightseeing, taking in the sights and smells of the city as well as meeting new people.


In a city as diverse as London, there is so much to see. What better way to view London than on your own bicycle tour. You can cycle past iconic landmarks and monuments in Trafalgar Square, watch the performances at Covent Garden, and explore the vibrant streets of Soho. If you are new to the city, there is no better way to explore than with your very own guide. You can get into the heart of the city and see so much more than travelling by bus, tube or cab. Nowhere is too far in London with everything on your doorstep. People often misinterpret distances on the tube map which can be easily walked or cycled. Cycling will allow you to see as much as possible and will open your eyes to the city. You will see locals going about their daily business, tourists frantically looking for directions and appreciate the hustle and bustle of being a newcomer, all the time being within the safety of a group with your own guide.


So if you want a chance to see London, meet some great people and get some outdoor exercise, get on your bike and explore this city as you have never seen it before.


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Jameson August is a freelance writer with experience contributing to Cycling will allow you to see as much as possible and will open your eyes to the city. For more information: Click Here

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