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Dentist Discusses Reasons to Consider Invisalign

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Many patients who visit our Minneapolis Invisalign Clear Braces office have legitimate concerns about taking the traditional orthodontic route of wearing metal braces. Many patients feel this will have a negative impact on their smile and lifestyle or fear they will wear metal braces for an extended period of time. An alternative option is Invisalign®, the clear braces system. Invisalign® is practically invisible, and this treatment option straightens teeth fast, without using any metal wires or brackets.

What kind of alignment issues can Invisalign® correct?

Invisalign® aligners address the same issues as their metal counterparts. The added benefit though is that the aligners are virtually invisible, and they can be removed as needed for eating, brushing, etc...

These common alignment issues that can be corrected with Invisalign®:

Overcrowding – Overcrowding becomes a problem when there is too little space for teeth to align properly in the mouth. This can cause tooth decay between crowded teeth and increase the likelihood of gum disease.

Large gaps between teeth – This problem can occur either because teeth are missing or because the jaw had developed abnormally around missing teeth.

Cross bite – A common dental problem that occurs when one or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, leading to erosion of bone and gum disease.

Overbite – Another common problem is overbite, which happens when upper teeth project further than the lower teeth, resulting in the possibility of jaw pain and/or TMJ.

Underbite – The opposite of the overbite is underbite, and is exhibited by the lower teeth projecting further than the upper teeth. Eventually, jaw pain and TMJ may result.
Your treatment plan at St. Paul, MN Invisalign office begins with three-dimensional images of your jaw. After a close and thorough review of these images from several different angles, our team will develop a treatment plan for you. This digital technology allows you to see the change that Invisalign® aligners will have on your smile. Once your plan is established, a customized set of aligners will be created just for you.

Do I have to wear Invisalign® all the time?

Treatment calls for constant wear of your Invisalign® aligners, except when eating or drinking. It is important to remove them when eating so food debris does not become lodged, leading to tooth decay. New trays will be introduced every two weeks or so, and you will be able to notice the progress in your treatment plan. Invisalign® trays are comfortable and effective, and they have modernized today’s orthodontic options. Contact our Highland Park, MN Dental Care office to get more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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