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Enjoy the different trends of Harlem with a live Tuesday

by emblem

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If you love music then you must love the Harlem place too. It is believed to be the place where the greatest music  genre as Rap, R&B, Jazz, Swing and Hip Hop has taken birth. Harlem is a large neighborhood in New York at the northern section of Manhattan. It is also known as uptown by the local residents and it stretches from the East river to the river Hudson between 155th street. The central Harlem or the center of Harlem holds many well known spots of New York such as the 5th avenue on the east, Morningside park on the west, central park on the south and the Harlem river to its north side.

The Harlem place has a rich history and has a huge contribution in making New York what it has become now. The foundation was laid as a Dutch village in the 17th century. The village progressed and turned into a town of rich people but was soon struck by the economic crunch then. It was auctioned in pieces to the African refugees. This made Harlem a place of neglect and it turned into shanty towns until in the 19th century the authorities started taking notice of it and started developing it. After that Harlem started progressing and became a good contributor to the development of New York. Harlem has undergone many cycles of boom and bust and has hosted many people of different races and religions. It can be easily witnessed by the many different ancient buildings in the area which represent the different cultures of people who once inhabited the neighborhood.

Today Harlem is one of the best and the most expensive places in New York. Harlem has always been the trend setter in New York. It has again started a new trend with live gospel performance on Tuesday so that people do not have to restrict themselves to a Sunday only. You can listen to the life of Jesus in a whole new style and on a new day. The live gospel is performed by none other than the famous teens choir who have gained fame for their enthralling performances at the “60 minutes” featured exclusively on CBS. They are the also the proud season finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” of 2012 which was aired on NBC. Now you can enjoy listening to them live for a full one hour and get mesmerized in the gospel on Tuesday.

The live gospel performance on Tuesday can be attended at the Mama Foundation Brownstone which is located in central Harlem and is just one block away from the Apollo theater, Sylvia’s Restaurant and the Red Rooster. You will be brought to your feet by the amazing performance here and you’ll love to come back every Tuesday. Now your afternoons on Tuesday will have a new activity as the gospel lasts an hour from 3 pm. If you are a tourist or a resident of New York you are more than welcome to experience the thrilling hour of Tuesday which is worth every second of your time.

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