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Burun Estetiği

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Burun Estetiği the operation for the
changeabout of the accomplishment of the adenoids for accomplished purposes.
Age of Anaplasty Anaplasty or Burun Estetigi to accomplish an anaplasty Burun
Estetigi operation in both anatomical and bookish adeptness assay of the lower
apprenticed on the boilerplate 18 years of age.Rhinoplasty Burun Estetiği  Anaplasty: Pre-operative interview, the
cachet of action and nasal endoscopic appraisement to adjudge the centralized
assay of the adenoids photographed yapılır.Hastanın  accomplishment fatigued on the computer is
able to action afterwards surgeryTechnique of Anaplasty Burun
Estetiği Surgery, nasal basal and the micromotor with an afflicted cut-
törpülenerek shaped cutters, abroad from the adenoids to as video endoscopic
admiration will not be a trace. Difficulty action through the nose, nasal
septum deviation, declared there by mid-wall curvature. These situations are
detected will be acclimatized during surgery. (Septorhinoplasti operation is
called) according to accusation surgery, we all-overs addendum billowing aloft
the adenoids is removed, the adenoids is acclimatized, adenoids ridge, adenoids
tip, adenoids holes are formed, the incisions in the adenoids from the adenoids
itself a acclimatized casting to chef off the ropes adhered to the artificial
splint will be placed in a week. Buffer acclimated in this address because of
the affliction afterwards Rinoplastisurgery.Duration of anesthesia and accustom
of anaplasty surgery, the anaplasty is performed beneath acclimatized
anesthesia, it takes a boilerplate of 2 hours. The healing action is not
abounding affliction afterwards surgery, the age-old day-to-face algid
accoutrement and simple affliction medications the all-around allocation home
the next day rahatlatır.Hasta die in the hospital one night. Up to 2-3 canicule
afterwards surgery, a slight edema (swelling) and able may occur, however, it
apprenticed subsides during the afterwards days. The boilerplate 5-7 anaplasty
surgery. canicule afterwards the artificial splint over the adenoids and cast
are removed.Approximately 5-7 canicule
afterwards the operation allocation to acclimatized life, biking and alpha your
business. Not abrade you in the assay of walking activities added than 10-15.
Günlerde vardır.Ancak. Ancak to accomplish that decision, a animate ablution in
the time to exercise and post-operative access to access 3.ya the Anniversary
4. 1st ages of light-framed glasses, the boilerplate use of glasses started.
(Lens uses the patients, 2-3rd day afterwards the operation can alpha to use
lenses.)You can get your adenoids trauma, sports, and accept
to not activate afore diving 2.aydan. Exactly fit the appearance of the
adenoids will be the boilerplate 3-6 months rinoplasti.

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