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Bring a taste of Germany to your door with a German escort

by alvin446

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Germany is a country synonymous with its beer culture. Beer plays an important role to Germans and there are many different styles of German beer, from wheat beers to smoked beers and fermented ales.


In 1993, the Provisional German Beer Law was passed allowing a greater number of additives to be moved as much as possible, allowing for a more natural taste. But you’ll be surprised to know that Germany only rank second in the world in terms of per-capita beer consumption, behind the Czech’s and just ahead of Austria. Only seven years before, they ranked fourth.


There are around 1200 breweries in Germany, with at least one brewery in almost every town. So it’s no wonder that each year they celebrate with Oktoberfest, a month dedicated to the numerous beers produced all over the world, (of which, there is only an estimated total of the number of different beers). Germans are loyal to their local brew and you will be surprised to know that only six of the beers they produce are available at Oktoberfest in England, whereas Belgium shops will sell hundreds of beers from all over the country. This year Oktoberfest saw its move to Kennington Park in Lambeth. Over two weekends in September, you can enjoy the fun of a beer festival with Lederhosen, beer and German music. But who better to enjoy the amazing atmosphere with, than a German escort. These girls will know a thing or two about the German beer swilling culture and will add to your authentic experience.


The large tankards that are commonly used in Germany are known as steins. These come in two pints and contain plenty of beer to swill yours and your German escort’s drink to. The lidded German stein was originally created to keep flies out of the beer! Apparently beer glasses were used from the mid to late 1700s, when English royalty asked glassmakers in Germany to invent interesting beer glassware for their use during entertainment events, such as hunting parties.


Bring a taste of Germany to your door with a German escort. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of German beers she may bring. And as Germans are very conscious of beer styles, they will rarely ask for it by its brand name, preferring to order it by its style designation, such as Pils, Kolsh, a Weissbier or a Dunkel. But for all the beer drank in Germany, brewers aren’t necessarily safe. They are still subject to amalgamations, takeovers or having to move to other breweries. They also have the threat of international brands such as Carlsberg who are beginning to take over German breweries. So next time you fancy a taste of this Western European country, pop down to Oktoberfest and grab yourself a German beer.


 Author Information: Alvin Donald is a freelance journalist who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and websites. In his spare time he enjoys dancing and socialising and is always networking. He is the author of this article on A Taste of German Culture. For more information Click Here.

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