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Podiatrist, Bunions and Foot and ankle surgeons of Birmingha

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A podiatrist Birmingham is a specialist who gives medical treatment and diagnosis for the foot and ankle problems, such as heel pain, hammertoes, spurs, neuromas, warts, ingrown toenails, calluses and corns. A podiatrist also provides special care for fractures, sprains, injuries and infections of the foot, heel and ankle. Podiatrists attend undergraduate as well as graduate school medical training for the doctorate degree in the firm of podiatry.


Birmingham Podiatry was founded in 1932. It is considered to be one of the best established and largest practices in the Southeast. Their goal is to educate every patient and to facilitate with high quality treatment in a very comfortable environment. The various locations where podiatry is practiced are:


Some podiatrist Birmingham is:  Walter D. Clark, DPM, Steven M. Grunfeld, DPM, John L. Roberson, Jr. DPM, Jamie L. Clecker, DPM.


About Foot and ankle surgeon Birmingham


The foot is the load bearer of the whole body and also is a shock absorber and hence it is unique. On the other hand the foot is also very sensitive and is prone to malalignments. It is not always easy to cure this problem and additional input from various other fields like radiologist, physiotherapist, nurses etc. may be required. 


Foot and ankle surgeon Birmingham has recently been established a wing at BMI hospital and gives treatment to people of all ages, starting from new born to old aged people. There are three procedures available at BMI to cure Foot and ankle.

  1. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy: Also known as ESWT. It is most advanced and recent way of treating Achilles tendinopathy and recalcitrant plantar fasciitis. In this type of treatment radial shockwaves are been rendered with the help of small applicator which can be held by the hand and is held near the area of pain. Its success rate is 60% - 70%.
  2. Surface replacement: This treatment is basically given to the patient suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is treated by Metatarsophalangeal (MTP) of giving joint injection or giving MTPJ Arthrodesis for cases which are severe.
  3. Subtalar or sinus tarsi implant: This is done for flatfeet that requires surgery or insoles. Insoles are enough for mild cases, but for severe cases, surgery conducted by the efficient foot and ankle surgeon Birmingham is required.


About Bunions Birmingham in UK


Bunions surgery also refers to keyhole surgery and is done by doing small holes and burrs (under the guidance of X-ray report) in the skin. The entire process of surgery is conducted by a bunch of expert Bunions Birmingham surgeons. This is required to remove the bunions present and also to cut the bones which are required to be realigned. Its advantage is that it requires a very small amount of cut in the skin.


Bunions Birmingham surgery is in high demands in UK for its low speed but high torque technique. A trained surgeon can safely operate this process if the selection of patient is appropriate. The number of surgeon expert in performing this surgery is increasing at a good rate in the UK.

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