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What Vancouver Plumbers Advise You to Do Before Buying

by darryliorio

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The lovely coastal city of Vancouver is a fantastic place to possess a house. However, know that there are a number of points to take into consideration before you get caught up in a home-buying craze. One of them is looking at the pipes, drains, and water pressure of the residence of your interest. Having said that, plumbers in Vancouver give home shoppers the following suggestions.
Test the main water valve.

While going about the house with a broker or the seller himself, don't forget to ask for the location of the main water valve. It's important that you learn where to find it and to make certain that it properly closes. Turn the valve to close off the water system and ask someone to check if the taps are indeed dry. Preferably, all water sources need to consequently shut off.

Check the water heater.

If you're purchasing a previously owned house, check out the tank for indications of oxidation and leaks that can easily generate potential issues. Find the tank's serial number to identify its age or maybe ask for the heating system's documentation, which shows the date of installment. Remember that water heaters that have been around for over 15 years ought to ideally be replaced with high-performance and energy-efficient modern heaters.

Check the water pressure.

A functional plumbing system must offer ample and equal flow from all waters sources like the faucets and showers. Take a shot at opening a few faucets at the same time and discover if there's a steady and strong stream of water. Changes in water pressure, or a weak flow, could suggest the presence of leaks and troublesome pipes.

Try out the drains.

Dysfunctional drains can result in overflows and tired arms from constant use of drain augers and toilet plungers. Be sure that drains in the house empty quickly and completely. Fill up the bathtubs and sinks and flush toilets to test for appropriate drainage.

Assessing the plumbing system of the property that you're looking at can help you decide whether to purchase it or go on to your next prospect. If you want a more detailed assessment, you can always get in touch with any of the trustworthy Vancouver plumbers in your area. For more ideas and info, you can visit


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