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The importance of the energy-saving ball mill steel ball wit

by alicey699

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The importance of the energy-saving ball mill steel ball with

     blast furnace slag is an industrial solid waste, discharge of slag in the blast furnace process, also known as blast furnace slag, can be divided into steelmaking pig iron slag, foundry pig iron slag, ferromanganese slag.1589 Germany began the use of blast furnace slag.After the mid-20th century, the comprehensive utilization of blast furnace slag is developing rapidly.Today's society is a resource and green society, the rapid development of blast furnace slag not only reduce the national waste pollution and the occupation of the land,brick making machine but also make full use of resources.With the rapid development of blast furnace slag, crusher and mill equipment has also become indispensable in the development equipment. alicey599 Crusher and mill is mainly used for a variety of the massive hard or brittle materials primary crushing, the crushing crushing and grinding process, so get to the final desired finished particle size,jaw crusher thus applications in multiple industries.Various process blast furnace slag can be processed into a variety of materials.


    The following material and then through the crusher and mill crushing and grinding process, you can effectively use in different industries.China is usually processed into high slag slag, slag, gravel, expanded slag and slag beads.Water slag hot melt state high slag in the process of rapid cooling in water, slag water quenching or blast furnace water quenching in two ways.Water slag as building material for the production of cement and concrete, due to potential water cementitious properties of water residue, cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other Activators role, as the quality of cement raw materials can be made: Slag silicon Salts cement, gypsum and slag cement,Jaw Crusher lime, slag cement, slag brick, slag concrete.Slag gravel, blast furnace slag in the slag pit or residue field specified natural cooling or water spray cooling to form a more dense slag after mining, crushing, magnetic separation and screening gravel materials, production processes mainly hot splash and dike-type method two, slag gravel instead of natural stone in China can be used for highways, airports, foundation engineering, railroad ballast, concrete aggregate and asphalt pavement can be used to: preparation of slag gravel concrete,brick making machine application of the soft ground, paved with asphalt pavement material with slag broken Shizuo Ji bright and good anti-slip properties also has good wear resistance braking distance shortened for railway ballast can properly absorb the vibration and noise of the trains .


    The expanded slag beads are cooled with the amount of the water-quenched blast furnace slag slag and the formation of a porous lightweight slag jet method, a spray method, trench method, roller method, production method.Can be used as a lightweight aggregate for production interior Banlou plate, etc., can also be used for load-bearing structures.Can also be used in the production of blast furnace slag slag wool as the main raw material (high slag, melted in a melting furnace melt combined with refined and a white cotton-like mineral fibers), glass ceramics, calcium silicate slag fertilizer, slag cast stone, hot cast slag, etc..Crusher and mill in the utilization of blast furnace slag production will have better development prospects of the industry in the development innovation, improve the technical performance, better role in the production of blast furnace slag.Xingbang crusher and mill equipment will keep up with its development, provides updates, better equipment,stone crushers so as to better develop their own enterprises.

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