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Differences and Similarities Between PHP and HTML

by kunwarpal

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Most of people do not find any major difference between php and HTML code. They say that both of them look similar with few differences between them. It is true both of them look the same to a novice but not to an expert who knows the functions of both the languages. There are both similarities and differences between php and HTML. Designers use both of them to design web pages. One is better than the other one, but we cannot judge before have a detailed look at both of them. Let us know about both of them and find the dissimilarities between them.

HTML stands for ‘Hyper Text Markup Language’. It is old and globally adopted.A markup language is one that makes the structures of pages with the help of tags. Most of the tags come in pairs. Text lies between these tags to show on the page. The tags themselves do not show up on the pages but they decide the position and structure of the text between them. All of the computer platforms support HTML. It does not require any framework or extra software to work. You only need a browser to view the results of HTML code. The best thing with HTML is that it is very easy to learn and practice. You can write and format the code on any word processor, even the notepad.

Php is also an old language designed in 1994 and released in 1995. It is a scripting language used exclusively for designing web applications. It is an open source framework that you can download easily and free. The files executed in this framework have ‘.php’ extension. They create dynamic web pages with full support for user-interactivity. Php functions render easily on any browser. The php code is also not visible on the web page when viewed on a browser. It is also compatible to different platforms. It works without any problem on UNIX, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. There are different editing tools available on the Internet having free and paid versions. However, you can also write php code in any text editor or word processor. Programmers developed php to create vibrant web pages but today it now more used for server-side scripting. Server-side scripts supply functions and other content to web pages. A php file is a mixture of scripts and HTML tags. The server converts php into plain HTML and sends to the user’s browser. We do not see even a mark of php on the when we view the page on the browser.

As we see there is not much difference between php and HTML, expect that HTML is a markup language and php is a scripting language.Web pages designed on HTML are static while php creates dynamic and user-interacting pages. A combination of both makes the website perfect. For More Detail Visit :

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