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The Many Ways an ACT Contact Manager can Help your Business

by carleneschnitzer

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There's a lot of truth in the saying "The customer is always right". Customers are essentially the lifeblood of any business since they provide the income necessary to sustain operations. For that reason, companies go the extra mile to ensure that their customers, both new and existing, receive excellent customer service.

Customer service can, in turn, make or break a business. By providing excellent customer service, you can reap the benefits of repeat business from loyal customers. You can also enjoy significant savings in terms of marketing efforts to attract customers and retain new ones. Sadly, excellent customer service isn't a talent; it is a competency that must be harnessed and supported with the right tools. If you're willing to invest in excellent customer service, one of the things you need is a reliable ACT contact manager.

Contact managers are essentially software designed to facilitate storage and retrieval of information such as names, addresses, email, and phone numbers. In addition, contact managers record details of every meeting, phone call, or email–details which are then stored and linked to your clients' contact information. High-end contact managers come with calendar sharing features and also allow simultaneous multiple access.

A lot of huge multinational companies rely on contact managers; after all, the bigger the organization, the larger the client base that needs to be maintained. Dealing with thousands of customer records can be too much to handle for any one department. And if your employee contacts a client or customer and gets the details wrong, the company's reputation could be in jeopardy. But since contact managers enable real-time updates of contact information, such a problem is eliminated.

Contact managers may involve a significant investment, but you can rest assured that the benefits outweigh costs. Your business can experience greater customer retention rates, lower operating costs, and significant increase in sales. You can then focus on other important areas such as generating more leads.

Gaining new customers and keeping new ones is easier said than done. But with the help of ACT CRM software, complex tasks are made possible. provides excellent reviews and information to help you choose the right contact management software for your business.

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