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The father of all shows – Enrique Iglesias Concert

by PreetiJagwani

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Pop music is one of genres of music that has not died down. Unlike other forms of music that has its ups and downs, pop music has continued its trend of being popular. Pop stars such as Enrique Iglesias, Justin Beiber and many more rule the earth. Pop musicians have a huge fan following and they are the kind of fans that will remain loyal to these musicians for a lifetime. Its a craze. There are people who actually follow these musicians' tours and travel wherever they play live. Considering the acts of piracy happening in the world of music today, pop stars use concerts and live shows to earn their bread and butter as well as express themselves through the language of music. Be it pop or any other genre, performing live in front of a huge audience  is always a high for any musician. Other genres such as electronic, house, trance, techno have also picked up and though it has attracted a lot of masses, it doesn't quite have the appeal that pop music has.

Most great pop musicians perform in front of massive crowds, with most of their shows selling out. It is one of the greatest feeling in the world for a musician to perform and be liked by millions of people. Enrique Iglesias is one such pop star. Hailing from Spain, Enrique Iglesias is the son of the famous Julio Iglesias. His first album was in Spanish, and that album sold an astonishing half a million records in the first week itself. Once he crossed over to the English speaking market, he was unstoppable. His first hit Bailamos which he sang for the soundtrack of the movie Wild Wild West. He later followed with other massive hits such as Rhythm Divine, Hero, Escape among others. Enrique's music has the power to move people's emotions. His songs can make you smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. He's been one of the top pop stars for a very long time and has ruled the Billboard charts every now and then.
Enrique Iglesias is a musician whose music has reached almost every part of the world. He has million of fans all over and has performed at a variety of places including places such as Cairo and Latvia among others. Enrique Iglesias concerts are mostly sold out with people from all over the world flocking to watch him perform live. Being at an Enrique Iglesias concert is another thrill altogether. He enthralls the audiences with his amazing songs and stellar performances. Enrique Iglesias concerts are something one should not miss. Enrique Iglesias is now coming to India to perform in three cities – New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. The Enrique Iglesias concert in India is going to be huge this time around. Last time it was quite massive and over the years Enrique Iglesias has gathered a wider fan base in India. His array of hits, his music and his fan following are definite indications that the Enrique Iglesias concert is going to be a sell out this time too.

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