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Controlling, Tracking and Protecting Sensitive PDF Documents

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Most businesses create a variety of documents on a daily basis, and these documents are sent to employees within the company and to individuals through email. Most documents contain general information and employees are not concerned about them being read and shared with others. This is not always the case. Some created documents contain detailed business information that is vital to a company. Financial information, product details and organizational documents can all be sensitive. These must be kept secure and in the hands of a few business employees and outside consultants that are being used.

PDF documents are most commonly produced by business people, and these documents can be controlled and kept secure in a few different ways. PDF documents are often kept on business servers that are used by all employees and this can sometimes mean that individuals can open and read information that they should not. This can cause huge issues for a business if this information is shared. Fortunately, a PDF password protect can be placed on the PDF so that only the creator can open the file. A PDF password protect that is easy for the user to remember is best, and this allows for the document to be opened and changed whenever it is necessary.

Sometimes documents like PDFs need to be shared, but employees wonder how to control PDF sharing without limiting its use. It can actually be easy to control PDF access with special software that can prevent the forwarding and opening of PDFs by unintended users. This software allows employees to send out documents when they are needed without fearing that this information will be emailed on to others. Software can let people track PDF documents as well and this allows business people to know exactly when a person opens a document to view it. This is a great feature for documents that are time sensitive and important to consider before a specific date. A track PDF email will be sent once the PDF is opened, and this helps to keep detailed records of dates, times, and recipients of specific documents. This information is great for businesses that send out many documents a week, but who do not have time to check if documents are reviewed.

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