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Overcoming Fears when You Have to Visit a Dentist

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Are you one of the many people who develop sweaty palms and a knot in your stomach at the mere thought of going to your dentist? Does the thought of your dental office in New York make you feel squeamish?  

There is really nothing to be afraid of, and overcoming your fears can contribute greatly to both your emotional health, as well as your oral health. Although your dentist is a specialist in the latter, he is not unconcerned about the former and wants you to have a pleasant, non-fearful experience when you come in for treatment and regular check-ups.  

Many people who are afraid of going to the dentist truly are fearful of feeling pain. The thought of a drill chipping away at a cavity to clean out the plaque, or teeth breaking apart or being pulled, perhaps rooted in a personal experience, can motivate some people to irrationally prefer to stay home while their dental condition worsens rather than face the dreaded dental office. The irony is that the longer one puts off getting care, the more likely he will experience dental pain due to infection and gum disease that is far greater and more excruciating than anything he might experience visiting the dental office in New York.  

The fact is that dentists want you to have a painless experience. Their goal is not to punish you for not caring for your teeth, although some dentists (very few these days) can come across as rather stern. There are numerous methods for preventing you from feeling any pain during treatment; one need only speak up and be straightforward about any fears so that the dentist may address them.  

A smaller number of people may put off going to the dentist because of social fears. Someone might be embarrassed by the condition of their teeth and may feel intensely ashamed. Most experienced dentists, however, are not going to be shocked or judgmental about your teeth and will usually offer a far more compassionate and hopeful perspective, no matter what kind of shape your oral health is in.  

Though you may feel reluctant about going to the dentist just because the idea of it makes you uneasy – to sit in a chair with your mouth wide open can certainly make one feel vulnerable – but such discomfort is usually easily overcome by compassionate, caring staff at a professional dental office in New York.  

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