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Set-up Online Payments Through Direct Debits

by anonymous

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The internet is now becoming a playground not only for knowledge but most of all for business. Statistics have shown that there are about 2.10 Billion internet users worldwide, a very large number where businesses see as an untapped resource of wealth. Almost everyone worldwide are connected to the internet one way or the other, take for example the ever increasing population within the different social media networks, its exponential growth in terms of the number of users is a clear indication that internet literacy has penetrated a large part of the world. It is because of this that many business opportunities are being developed and most of them are put online.


You may be selling an invention, an item, cosmetics or other products online, but whatever you are selling there is one thing that is definite, payment collections. How do you actually collect payments from your clients online? Of course there are several other options like having to meet with the buyer personally and complete the transaction offline. Such may be a good idea but it will not be appealing to your online visitors as they would expect convenience through paying for their purchase of your product online. Of course there are several ways on how you can allow online payment to happen however, most of them are too tedious to do and if you do not have any background on application integration to your website then you will be having a huge problem.


Fortunately, there is another way on how you can allow your visitors to pay for transactions via purchase to your website or online shopping page, and this is through online direct debit. There are two ways on how you can set-up your Online Direct Debit Application Programming Interface.


First, you can set it up yourself or via in-house set-up. Online direct debits that are installed or set-up this way would prove to be costly, as you not only have to purchase the software but also you have to learn the ropes and set aside for the maintenance and maintenance costs respectively. On top of that you will have to make sure that you will be following the set standards. If you want independence and you have the money, time and resources to conduct an in-house online direct debit then you can definitely go for it. However, if you lack those three then the second option is for you.


Second, you can ask a direct debit bureau offering online direct debit to do the set-up and maintenance for you. Included in their services are to setup signup sheet for your new payers, develop email confirmations, validate different bank details and to make sure that your online direct debit is compliant with the set rules and standards. With regards to the second option it would be to your best interest if you tie-up your online direct debit processes with a reliable direct debit bureau like Smart Debit.

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