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CE Proofing Process with the Right Organization

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Why the EU market? The EU is the largest single market in the world—the combined population of the 27 member states exceeded 500 million in 2011. This equates to a huge number of consumers who may have a need for your product. Nearly every country in the world wants to access this economic giant and for some exporters, the only hindrance is a genuine CE marking.

Why Get CE Marking?

Perhaps you’re thinking that this requirement is just a way to significantly limit imports and boost the consumption of locally produced goods or merchandise. It’s actually a reasonable requirement that ensures the safety of EU consumers. Used and newly-manufactured boats like sports cruisers to sailing yachts are also required to have the CE mark. You won’t even have to worry about a CE mark if you get the proofing services of trusted certifiers, which can help hasten your entry into the EU market.

Ensured Consumer Safety. The primary reason why the CE certification or mark was established in 1993 was for the security of EU consumers. If safety was a concern when there were only 12 EU member states, how much more at present where there are 27? CE certification brings to light structural inconsistencies and violations that may harm consumers and the environment, so it’s a necessity that benefits both consumers and manufacturers.

Hastened EU Market Entry. There are companies that can help you go through the CE proofing process, which involves noise and sound tests, structural assessments, and the preparation of the Declaration of Conformity. It’s always advisable to find the right certifier who can assist you in proving the conformity of your product to the EU market so you benefit from this large market, sooner.

Declaration of Conformity

The Declaration of Conformity include the manufacturer’s details like name and address, information on the product’s performance based on set European standards, characteristics, a legally binding signature on behalf of the certifier or organization, and the Notified Body’s identification number. These requirements are important in the CE proofing process.

Success is highly influenced by conformity. To benefit from the EU’s large market make sure you get CE proofing from the company that specializes in your product. If you intend to bring in a boat to Europe, make sure you work with one that provides services for CE marks on boats. For more information on CE proofing, visit

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