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Baby Diapers and Different Types of Diapers

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Baby diapers are made of cloth and disposal material. They are available in different brands are in various sizes like large, medium and small with certain number of pcs. You can buy baby diapers Online in India from different baby store online along with different baby products like baby soft toys, rattles, fun toys, squeeze toys, ride on, pulling toys, etc.

If you are are using diapers then changing diaper of babies is must according to the timings. Changing diaper of a baby after it becomes wet cause rashes on baby's soft skin and can cause infection or the skin becomes red called the diaper rash.  Diaper Rash Cream helps treat and prevent diaper rash. Protects minor skin irritation due to rash and helps seal out wetness. It soothes red irritated skin and allows skin to heal naturally. Diaper breathable back sheet protects your baby's skin against irritations and nappy rash.

There are several Online website available providing full information of baby products. They provide in depth information about diaper according like size, shape, quality, fabric, etc. Thus, providing ease and comfort while purchasing the product depending upon your baby skin and your budget.

Types of Diapers


All-in-one-Diapers are of higher cost and comes integrated with several features like cover, hooks and fitting gears, Air breathable making it perfect for your new born baby. They are made of excellent quality material that being soft keeps baby comfortable for a long time. Easy to maintain, use, clean, Keeps your free from diaper rash, and fits perfectly to the nappy.

Disposable Diapers

Disposable Baby Diapers are great for leakage protection. They are superior cloth like soft with -cut sides gently fits your baby’s little leg and gives them comfortable-soft touch leaving their skin smooth and dry as well. This diaper with wetness indicator enables mum’s easily aware for their baby’s diaper change needs.

Pants Diapers

Pants Diapers is now improved with textured cotton Stripes Pad sheet that quickly absorbs and locks urine in for faster extra drying protection. Speedy dryness for extra comfort, keeping baby happy and dry the whole day through.

Swim Diapers

Swim Diapers are used while swimming. They have high water absorbent (upper layer) that absorbs wetness rapidly and keeps your baby's skin stay dry. It has a breathable back sheet protects your baby's skin against irritations and nappy rash. Mild- wet fragrance stays for long keeping your baby feel fresh.

Fitted Diapers

As the name suggests, they are designed according to the shape of the baby bumps. They come rectangular and square in shape. A unique absorbs layer system consisting of gels that ensures locking of the fluid that ensures complete dryness.

Flat diapers

It is made of one layer of fabric, and can be folded in many different ways to create thickness for absorbency where needed. Use with a cover. Good for custom folding, wash well, and dry very quickly.

Looking at different kinds of diapers, you can now decide which diaper is best suited for your baby. These are hygienic and excellent absorbent power with antiseptic properties as well. These are great for anti-bacterial and anti fungal action.

The soft, stretch material of diaper enables baby to move freely without any irritation and leaves no pressure marks on their delicate skin and it's sweet fragrance stays for long keeping your baby feel fresh and happy.


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