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Natural Colored Diamonds – Things You Should Know About Them

by anonymous

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When you think of a diamond, I am sure you mind turns to a crystal clear sparkling gemstone. However, most people do not realize that there are colored
too. The natural colored diamond is a very rare commodity, say, not even 1% of the entire rough diamonds processed. An exquisite colored diamond is the green diamond. Other than that, there are diamonds in yellow, pink, red, orange, purple, blue and brown colors.

To qualify as an authentic colored diamond, it should be taken out of the mines in the color it is polished to. If its color is enhanced by treatment, it cannot be called a natural colored diamond. The deeper the color of the stone, the better it is considered. It is graded in the order of fancy vivid, fancy deep, fancy intense, fancy dark, fancy, light fancy, light, very light, and faint. The fancy vivid is the most desirable shade.

You may wonder how the colored diamonds acquire their unique colors. Actually, it is the result of the various chemical processes and reactions that go on deep under the ground while the diamonds are being formed. For instance, the green diamonds get their green color when they come in contact with the alpha particles in the uranium compounds. Sometimes, the percolating groundwater may also give a green tinge to the diamond. All these elements must surround the diamond for a considerably long time-period for the color to take effect. That is why the green diamonds are so rare.

When you go out to purchase a green diamond or any other colored diamond, for that matter, you must ask for a certification proving its authenticity. I am sure you wouldn’t like to end up with a synthetic colored diamond.

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