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What Is An Electric Cigarette?

by elynieva

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In recent surveys it has been found that more deaths happen because of smoking habits than other addictions of alcohol, drugs, etc. It is necessary to put a curb on the habit of smoking. Even smokers know about the hasardous effects of smoking but because there were no effective means available in order to get rid of the addiction smokers were not able to quit it. It was until 2003 when the concept of an electric cigarette was brought by a pharmacist belonging to China. This pharmacist wanted to invent something so useful that the smokers could get rid of their addiction without any difficulty. He lost his father because his father was a heavy smoker who died with lung cancer. This product hit the markets all over the world after 2007 when it was made legally available.


The electronic cigarettes are free from tobacco and they do not produce any harmful gases like tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other 4000 chemicals that are generally found in regular smokes. The main parts of electronic cigarettes are cartridge, power supply (battery) and atomiser. The cartridge comprises of liquid nicotine and this is the only common ingredient found in real cigarette and electronic cigarette. The instrument gets charged up as soon as the user takes a puff and the atomiser that is connected to the power supply gets heated and converts liquid nicotine into vapor. This vapor is inhaled by the users and the vapor that is left out is just water vapor that gets disappeared in the environment in a few seconds without causing any harm to it.


FDA and many other critics have shown concern in usage of these instruments. Because the electric cigarette does not contain tobacco, none of the laws govern the usage of these cigarettes and thus anyone can use it. This makes it dangerous for youth below 18 years old to get addicted to nicotine. The nicotine present in the e-cigarettes is also considered to be dangerous because if this is used for prolonged durations then it can cause addiction too, which is just like regular tobacco cigarettes. Hence it is necessary to keep a check on the usage of electronic cigarettes also.


There are both positive as well as negative aspects of each and everything present in the world, electronic cigarettes being no exception to this fact. But seeing the health benefits that these gadgets can provide the smokers, it is advisable to encourage the smokers switch to using electronic cigarettes. There are many retail and online stores like Nicolites that have been encouraging the usage of electronic cigarettes all over the world by providing the product and related accessories at discounted prices.


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