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Waterfall faucets – Bringing class and elegance to your bath

by Johnmarriso

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Your bathroom can be your little paradise where you can get your body, mind and soul refreshed, but only if it is a pleasant and invigorating place to be in. To ensure that this is so we need to have above average bathroom fixtures with regards to the sinks and bathtub, in addition to having the right mountain fresh scents. One of the fixtures that can add life to your bathroom is the waterfall faucets. This type of bathroom sink faucet, as its name suggests, is loved for the manner in which it dispatches water. Just like in a waterfall the water flows downwards attractively and graciously, and when it hits the sink’s surface it generates a soothing sound that you will definitely enjoy every other time you are in your bathroom.

Contrary to popular beliefwaterfall faucets are not difficult to install; you just need to have the designated hole available on your sink, and in the case of any other sink type you just need to have the countertop drilled. Depending on your DIY skills you may or not require a plumber to do the installation for you. Different bathrooms have different types of sinks such as the drop in, vessel and undermount, and these in various sizes. Well, the good thing with all faucet types is that they come in a number of designs and sizes and hence you will hardly miss out on one that perfectly suits your bathroom area.

You will definitely love the waterfall faucets made from stainless steel with a flat spout, or the glass type which features sort of a glass saucer that is intricately placed over a chrome base. The stainless steel types come in some elegant finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome, copper, oil rubbed bronze, and Venetian bronze. For the glass type, clear glass with some hints of blue or green on the edges remains the clear favorite. A glass waterfall faucet paired up with a vessel sink provides a contemporary look like no other, while the flat spout type with its metallic appeal will complement your stainless steel drop-in or undermount sink fantastically.

When shopping for waterfall faucets remember that size matters a lot; you do not want to end up with a faucet that appears too small for the sink or vice versa, both will look ridiculous. A small metallic faucet normally measures 5 X 2½ inches while the large one is 5 X 11 inches. For the glass type, the smaller ones measure 5 x 2¼ inches, 5 X 7, and 11 x 5, while the large is 12 X 7 inches.

If you are confused about these sizes then you can take your sink’s dimensions and the store representative will be able to determine the right faucet size for you. The right waterfall faucet – bathroom sink combination has the ability to introduce a clean and inviting atmosphere to your bathroom, and may be all it needs to become your own little spa.

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