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NoteBook for iPad - A new day for Circus Ponies NoteBook afi

by JaysonAdams

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Circus Ponies Software, Inc., makers of the flagship NoteBook Mac software has added another brilliant innovation, the Notebook for iPad app, to its collection of products. Circus Ponies release the original NoteBook application almost ten years ago. Currently in its third version (NoteBook 3.1+), the app has effectively transformed the manner in which people from all walks of life can create, organize and store their important notes, documents, images, and other materials.

NoteBook has really improved the way students take notes, how researchers document their studies, how project managers create, monitor, supervise and evaluate projects, and even how individuals keep their journals. The NoteBook software touches almost every aspect of life for any individual who needs to organize information and data with ease and effectiveness. Now available for the iPad, NoteBook brings its powerful feature set to the mobile generation, as a combination note pad, diary, scheduler, calendar and reminder app.

The NoteBook for iPad software allows you to make, store, edit and work with your notes on your iPad in just the same way as you can on the desktop. Unlike most other iPad note apps, NoteBook allows multiple font types, text colors, tab stops, text alignment capabilities, and many other essential word processing features for your notes. You can also easily sync your notes between the desktop and the iPad using NoteBook's wireless connection to your Dropbox account. In other words, NoteBook transforms the iPad into a convenient, portable, faster, lighter and powerful desktop with regards to note taking and small file-management tasks.

Of course Circus Ponies also included the popular 'Voice-Annotated Notes' feature in the NoteBook for iPad app. This feature allows a person taking notes to simultaneously record the speaker. Later, when reviewing your notes, you can double-check whatever wasn't clear against what the speaker said courtesy of the playback of the recorded voice. This premium app also offers diagramming, sketching, and PDF Markup capabilities, all features available in separate apps but not bundled together.

If you are an enthusiast of the iPad's portability, also looking to leverage to boost your performance at work or school, visit the Circus Ponies website for a video tour an to purchase the app.Thisis indeed a new day for NoteBook and iPad aficionados.


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