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Rules of Dealing with Auto Dealers in Edmonton

by ellsworthmciltrot

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When you finally decide to purchase your dream car, you need to be prepared to negotiate your way with the auto dealers in Edmonton. It’s a no-brainer to suggest that you need to do your research before you go out there and ask for the car you want. Without having taken the time to get the information you need on your car purchase, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the whole process and end up with a purchase you’re not happy with.

Profit margin
One of the things you’ll need to find out is the price car dealers pay for the car. It’s called the invoice price, in contrast to the sticker price, which is the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” (MSRP) with its built-in 20 to 40% markup.

Dealers often don’t reveal to you the invoice price, but the car price estimates can be found online. Knowing your price allows you the confidence to make a reasonable haggle with the dealer without having to feel you are stiffing the dealership, or overpaying for the car. Try offering $300 more on top of the invoice price, minus the rebates and holdbacks.

Vehicle order
If you don’t find the car that you want, you can ask any of the auto dealerships in Edmonton to place the car order for you. Though it may take some time to get it, you know at least you’ve purchased something that’ll be of great value to you, and not some car that the auto dealer talked you into purchasing.

Have a backup
But just in case your first vehicle isn’t being offered by dealerships Edmonton has, prepare to ask for another selection. You may also fax them your secondary preference as this also saves time. You tell them that you expect a reply within three days; if dealers are genuine in their service to help you get the car you need, they’ll narrow down the choices for you. Fax your specifications to as many dealers within 50 to 100 miles of your location.

Edmonton dealerships are trained not to let clients walk out of the parking lot without purchasing a deal. If you’re not really comfortable with what they’re offering, don’t be embarrassed to walk out. But remember, part of your task is to find the most reliable dealer in Edmonton who can help you buy the car you need. Visit for more information.

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