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How to incorporate science in a pre school curriculum

by tanakaleino

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Pre-school, as we known is the beginning of education for a child. The institute follows a particular pattern that helps children at a tender age to grasp important concepts of life. It is important that at this stage children are also taught about the science behind different phenomena. Science is a very practical and logical subject, but it is sad to see that not many students tend to excel in it. Perhaps, we can trace the roots for this in the teaching method we follow. Including science in the pre school curriculum will help students to cope well with the concepts shared in higher classes.

Including science lessons in early childhood helps students to develop skills like observation, classification and communication. As children at this age are naturally curious they will eagerly pay heed to any science activity arranged for them. A simple way of incorporating science in the pre school curriculum is by encouraging students to find the science in every activity they do. Below are a few ways by which you can include science in a pre-school classroom.

Organize a science center in the class –

You don’t really need to invest in laboratory apparatus for this, just a few basic things like magnifying glass, prisms, balance scales, mirrors, magnets and other object that can be used to observe and measure. Another great item to add to the list includes model animals and birds. Also including a diagram of the human body with basic labeling will help to get their interest. Remember to change the materials on a regular basis to keep the interest going.

Include science activities in the pre school curriculum –

Start a science activity hour in the classroom. In this hour explain concepts to students by showing specimens. You can start by getting a caterpillar to class and explaining its life cycle to the kids. It will be fascinating for them to learn how a worm turns into a beautiful butterfly. Also you can get different flowers or leaves to the classroom and teach students the various textures, shapes and sizes they can be found in and the reason behind it. Get the students to grow plants in the class to experience the entire growth of a plant, from sowing the seeds to keeping a watch for the first shoot.

Allow students to explore new concepts –

Let the curious nature of you students be the fuel for learning. Allow students to explore different concepts and assist them where they need help. If you find your students doing something unusual with an object, step back and observe what they are doing. They may be on the verge of discovering something that you may have no idea about.

Have a mini science library –

An excellent way of promoting science in a pre-school is by having a few books dedicated to the subject. You can have basic science concept books with attractive pictures and a few books that are slightly above the level of pre-school learning. Also, you can have a few books of the higher level so that you are well equipped to answer the question your students ask you.

Incorporating science in the pre school curriculum by using these simple methods will make it easy and fun for students to grasp the basic concepts.

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