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Tips for Recovering from Ankle Surgery

by anonymous

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One of the hardest things for a true-blooded Texan to do when he is recovering from ankle surgery in Austin is to keep weight off his foot. He doesn’t want to sit around, he wants to be up and moving. But it’s necessary to give your ankle time after going through surgery to properly heal. Getting around on crutches or other devices that are used for the same purpose should not present too much of a difficulty for a little while. But it is also important to just relax and accept the fact that you are not going to be able to do a few things that you are used to doing. Pushing yourself is not a solution, and the phrase, “no pain, no gain,” does not apply if you cause your ankle to hurt due to overexertion. You will regress and may injure your ankle again if you are not careful.  

You will need to put aside your self-sufficiency and pride, and rest. Let other people do stuff for you, and genuinely appreciate them when you do. Ankle surgery in Austin is not a small event. Your ankle stabilizes your left and foot and helps to allow you to stand upright and walk. Give it some respect. Let it recover.

Try to keep all your living space in a contained area while you heal. Climbing stairs a hop at a time is dangerous in this situation. If you live in a storied space, keep it all on one level. Cook some meals ahead of time. Turn the television on or get into a good book, and not necessarily a book about ankle surgery. Austin will still be there outside waiting for you once you recover; so stay home a while and chill.  

You injured your ankle and had ankle surgery in Austin. So don’t pretend like it’s not a big deal. Things will take more time. Your fifteen minute shower might take at least twice that. Enjoy it. For once, you have an excuse to be lazy. Take advantage of it. But while you are doing that, don’t fill up on sugary snacks or beer and soft drinks. Eat well because getting all the right nutrients is important for your full recovery.  

On the other hand, don’t just sit around all the time, but be as active as you can. Follow the instructions your doctor has given you regarding post-surgical recovery. Go to physical therapy if it is prescribed. The goal is to heal as quickly as possible, which is possible, if you follow these basic words of advice.  

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