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Why it is important to take care of bikes spares regularly?

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 Cycling is an eco-friendly way of burning calories and being fit. To enjoy a smooth ride it is very important to maintain and take care of bikes spares from time to time. Regular servicing of the different bicycle parts will help in achieving a smooth ride experience. This includes maintaining the basic parts of the body like the frames, handle bars, seats, chains, horns, wheels, spokes, gears, pedals, etc. Following are some of the reasons with tips to take regular care of the spare parts of your cycle-

  • Weather conditions – Exposure to different weather conditions like heat and rains can cause gradual damage to your bike. It is observed that over time the spares become rusty due to regular use and without any proper care. Rusting makes the frame or the metal used in the body weak and less efficient. This can be avoided by parking the bikes in proper places or shades to avoid getting wet in rain and exposure to sun for long hours. Cleaning and washing your bike and removing dirt will also help in reducing rusty worries.
  • Rough use – Many people for instance mountain bikers or transport bikers use their bikes on a rough terrain and carry heavy loads on them. This continuous exposure of rough terrains will ultimately lead to loss of efficiency of spare parts over time. This affects entire body of the cycle; and can be avoided by riding in a controlled speed with riding on paved roads to help tires maintain their quality.
  • Accidents – There are many accidents taking place at every nook and corner of the city. Many cyclists meet with accidents on their expeditions or terrains while riding, but they continue to use the same bike without any repair. It is very important to repair the bike immediately after any accident or mishap since the blow can change the seat adjustments, handle bar elevations or brakes efficiency.
  • Irregular lubrication – Whether your bike is in use or not, proper lubrication with good quality oil to all bikes spares is highly recommended. It is observed that many bikers don’t give much time for cleaning and oiling their bikes spares like brakes, chain and gears, which is required for the smooth functioning of the cycle body.

These are few reasons which propel to take action and maintain bike spares to continue a good riding experience.

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