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Pigeon Control Westminster Management Plan: The Simplest and

by liyo89

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Pigeons carry various diseases, cause damage to buildings and structures, and destroy vegetations, making it imperative to eradicate these pests. Particularly in Westminster, there has been an unsustainable growth level in the population of pigeons, and there is a need to implement an effective pigeon control Westminster pest management plan.


An employment of various pest control Westminster techniques will not just help get rid of these filthy birds, but also completely eradicate them and stop them from growing in number. In Westminster, there are a variety of ways employed to manage the population of pigeons, from the simplest methods like habitat modification to the most advanced ones like the use of narcotics and innovative bird traps.


One of the most advanced methods used to get rid of pigeons is the process called narcotic baiting. The process may include the use of narcotics that, once fed on these nuisance birds, can stupefy, anesthetize, or kill them. Examples of bird narcotics include the alphachloralose wheat and alphachloralose peas, both are known to anesthetize rather than kill pigeons. Apart from pigeons, narcotic baiting, a method that has been granted license by the government, can also be used to eradicate other types of bird pests, including starling, common myna, and herring gull.


Setting strategic bird traps is a common method used to capture and control the growth of pigeons. Unlike other methods, however, the use of this technique can be labor-intensive. The trap, once set, should be regularly checked to see if there are already pigeons caught. The bird trap, which is available in different varieties such as walk-in cage traps or clap and spring traps, should also be strategically placed in areas where a large population of pigeons thrives.


Pest control Westminsterexperts have also recommended the use of bird scarers, which can either be auditory or visual, or a combination of these two. Scarecrows are a common device used to scare birds, as well as the more innovative laser device that can startle pigeons through the strong contrast between the laser beam and light from the environment. One important thing to consider though when using bird scaring device is the location. For instance, auditory bird scarers may not be recommended for use near occupied buildings as these can certainly disturb the occupants.


Habitat modification, such as the removal of their nests, is also a helpful method to control and manage pigeons’ population. Nest removal reduces the population, and at the same time minimizes recruitment of other pigeons from other areas. The use of repellant gels is also becoming a popular pigeon control Westminster technique these days. Gels are spread on various surfaces, making them unpleasant areas for pigeons to perch, thus preventing them from thriving. Regular cleaning and using pigeon-proof garbage cans can also prevent pigeons from thriving near the premises.




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