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Charleston SC Real Estate

by anonymous

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If you re looking for Charleston SC real estate, you have made a good choice. Charleston is a great place to live for many reasons. And just like moving anywhere else, it is probably a good idea to become very familiar with an area before settling on one particular home.


I have sold Charleston SC real estate since 1995, and having lived in the area my whole life, I have had the good fortune of sharing my home with thousands of families. In fact, I have become an expert in Charleston SC real estate. Just like anyone is familiar with their home town, I know it like the back of my hand, and have harnessed this knowledge into a very streamlined way of operating.


I will give you a quick example:


A few years ago I had a home for sale with a pool. A lady by the name of Lisa contacted me who worked for a company called Global Aeronautica. This was the company that was building the fuselage for the new Boeing Dreamliner. She seemed to like the fact that I knew the area well, and engaged me to share with her as much information as possible about the Charleston SC real estate market.


This was a great opportunity at the time, because I did not know she would then become one of the top recruiters for Boeing. You see, Boeing bought Global Aeronautica when they announced that they would be building their Dreamliner here. Lisa then became an HR rep for Boeing and the insight I had from the inside gave me an inside connection to the tens of thousands of new employees Boeing would be bringing to the area to look for Charleston SC real estate.


Well, this was an eye opener for me. I really needed to get prepared. My first step was to meet with the group of recruiters so I could tell them how I would be most effective in helping their new employees get settled. I was happy to meet, prepare some information and even bring some collateral materials on the area, explaining the different nuances associated with the Charleston SC real estate market.


Step two was just as crucial. I knew I needed to provide some tools that would help new Boeing Charleston employees get acquainted. This resulted in my first video tour of Charleston, SC. Taking a cue from Boeing itself, I thought I would use Google Earth as a tool to “fly" around Charleston and talk about the different areas of town.


I never knew it would "ake off" (excuse the puns please) like it did. I uploaded it into YouTube and people from all over the world starting watching me, as a floating head on a screen share the Charleston SC real estate market. I was able to weave in interesting photography, and discuss each area of town in detail. I even focus in on the different traffic patterns.


Well, this lead to a series of videos on the Charleston SC real estate market that I am proud to say helps many people everyday become acquainted with my home town. And to think, all of this was born out of a chance meeting with a nice lady named Lisa, who has helped me help so many people coming into the area.


So I think it is important to say, "hanks Lisa! Thanks for helping me make my Charleston SC real estate website what it is today. PLease make sure to look for the “area videos" section of my site for the full catalog.



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