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Improve Your Passing Speed on the Basketball Court With Thes

by liyo89

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If you want to become a top-notch basketball player, one thing that you should be focusing on is what you can do to help improve your passing speed. While being able to have good accuracy to shoot a basket is definitely important to success, if you aren’t playing in a position where you’re constantly taking shots, passing speed could in fact be more important to you.


To help boost your passing speed, there are a few basketball workouts that you should be considering. By including the right mix of exercises, you can be sure that you excel at this movement pattern.


Let’s look at which you should be completing.


Bench Press

The very first exercise to perform is the bench press. Since passing is very much a chest dominant activity, it’s a must that you work on developing strength in these muscles.

Nothing beats the bench press as far as getting a strong chest goes. When performing the bench press, you’ll want to aim to lift a heavy weight for optimal strength generation and to use a tempo pattern of 1:2:3. This way you’ll drive the weight up as fast as you possibly can, while boosting your strength level considerably on the way back down.


Perform 8-10 reps per set and do 3 sets in each of your basketball workouts .


Overhead Tricep Extension

The second weight training movement to include in your sessions is the overhead tricep extension. While the chest muscles will be the dominant muscle group in the chest pass, the triceps will definitely come into play as well.


The overhead tricep extension with a cable mimics the movement pattern the triceps will use the best, so it’s the one to choose. When performing it, make sure to do it in a slow and controlled movement pattern, using a tempo of 2:1:2. Keep constant tension in the muscle throughout the movement and take the rep range slightly higher to the 10-12 rep range. Perform two sets of this exercise per workout.


Med Ball Wall Throws

Finally, the last exercise to include in your basketball workouts are medicine ball wall throws. This is basically going to be just like doing a chest pass so it’ll mimic that movement very well only you’re using an object that is far heavier than a regular basketball. This way, when all you have is that basketball in hand, it’ll seem that much easier.


To perform this, stand about 10 feet from a wall and then chest pass the medicine ball into the wall as hard as possible. Perform 20 of these in each of your basketball workouts.


So there you have three good exercises to make sure you’re completing. Train hard and you will see significant improvements in your passing ability.


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