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Improve Your Kicking Power on the Soccer Field With These 3

by liyo89

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If you’re getting started with soccer workouts off the field to help improve your performance capacity along with reduce your risk of injury, there are a few important things to know.


Some people overlook some key elements that would easily help them improve themselves as an athlete, so by paying closer attention to these, you can overcome your competition.


When it comes to your soccer workouts , focusing on improving your kicking ability is definitely something that you must be doing for optimal results.

Let’s take a closer look at the primary exercises that you should be doing to help boost your kicking speed and power so that you can see top-notch success.

Leg Extensions

First up, when you’re in the weight room doing your soccer workouts , you’ll want to specifically target the quads and hamstrings as these are two very powerful muscles that will generate the kicking movement pattern when out on the field.


Since the leg extension mimics the movement pattern during the kick, this is a good movement to perform. It’s also going to isolate the quad very well, ensuring you see maximum strength gains to this muscle group.


When performing the leg extension, you’re going to want to drive the weight upwards as fast as you possibly can as this is what will allow you to generate a maximum level of force.


Use a tempo pattern of one second to raise the weight, a one second pause at the top, and then three seconds to lower the weight back down to position.

Hamstring Curls

In addition to the leg extension, the next movement that you should include is the hamstring curl. It’s important to maintain good balance about the lower body as you go through your weight lifting exercise and this exercise is going to fit the bill perfectly.


When performing the hamstring curl, use a slow and controlled movement pattern, utilizing a tempo of 2:1:2.

Leg Swings

In addition to those two weight movements, it’s also important that you have a good range of motion in the hip region. Leg swings will help improve this.


Simply stand holding onto a railing or table and lift one leg off the ground, bringing it as far straight back behind you as possible.


From there, swing it directly upwards, allowing it to go as high as you can comfortably.

From there, let it move straight backwards again behind you, continuing on until 10-15 reps are completed.


So there you have three great movements to add to your soccer workouts. Make sure that you do those and you will see improvements in your kicking ability.


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