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Chinese Women- Hard To Find, But Easy To Live With!

by anonymous

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Do you know what makes a Chinese woman better than anyone else? They are calm & peaceful creatures! Yes, that's what they are. And that is why everyone is looking for them.

Personally, I’ve never seen any Chinese women quarrelling with their male partners over something as stupid as other girls fight for. Please do not consider me a racist, nor do I have a discriminatory ideology. I’m saying just what I’ve seen so far!

Let’s know what the general qualities of a Chinese woman are:

  • They are not just peaceful, but mature- Believe it or not, but that is what they are. They are mature enough not to fight with you if you could not bring what they asked you for. This was just an instance to show what I mean by mature. There are hundreds of other situations (all of which cannot be discussed)!


  • They are cultured- Culture is in their blood! It is what they have learned while they were raised. But that’s not what I intend to discuss under this heading. I want to tell you that apart from being cultured, they respect other cultures as well, which clearly shows how cultured they are.

  • They value money- Trust me on that! I bet you could have never seen any Chinese women spending thousands of dollars buying things they do not need.

  • They know how to love- Every woman knows how to love (although few guys don’t), but most of them forget that with the passage of time. As time passes, they learn how to initiate a fight, how to win an argument, but unfortunately they forget how to love. But Chinese women never forget that. That makes them different!

  • They will keep up with your folks- Not all women can do that, but luckily, these Chinese beauties can.

  • They will love you for how you are, not for what you are- I’ve seen relationships getting torn apart if the guy loses his job. Would you call such an association, a relationship? At least, I won’t! In this situation also, Chinese girls win the race. Generally, they are not much bothered about what you have got. They are more concerned about how you are, and how much do you love them. Their world is so small that only you (their partner) could fit into it.


These are the reasons why everyone dreams to fall in love with these girls. Probably that is why every other guy you meet wants to date China women.

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