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NATIONAL Day Promise to Founders

by anonymous

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Greatest nations all time remember their national day mean when they came into being. It may be concern, they get freedom after some ruler or they invent by their founder. So in both cases, all nation folks keep dear and love to that day when they get came to exist. As country just like our home and family. Many of their forefathers' gave a lot of scarifies to get single land to live freely. Most of them are not existing among us but we can remember in best way regarding to keep value for own nation and country. In Asia specifically a biggest incident or tale type story that equipped with a number of sacrifices that is Hindu pak tale. So Pakistani nation and Hindu nation both celebrate their days very actively. All nation fellows send Independence Day wish via email or in the way Independence Day SMS to all. Pakistani nation celebrate their national day with full confidence and activness.while they all believe in their old people strong commitment for taking this land back from cruel ruler. Their media explore all stories about the bitter sacrifices history to young and youth. We call for to consider on the REAL intimidation, which are the grounds of today's and tomorrow's outlook. We want to redefine our soft draw near and want to extend state Aim. a try for Pakistan under which each politician, organizer and national can put their pains and brains for the betterment of Pakistan.

I have notice that voted politician work to full the five years residence of the Chair. So that's why; devoid of national mean we are missing far last. Even there was line quoted: A boat doesn't go forward if each one is rowing their own way. We can post it as Pakistan Independence Day sms and message. A most leading and original management and control is necessary for the nation, who can lead citizens, who take note, who take action to victory and malfunction and who donate his term not for party assignment but for the dream and strength of Pakistan. This earth does not fit in to those politicians who move toward and go before term modify or those who throughout the stiff times and examination and troubles pay out their point in time on exclusive break, or persons who quantity their luggage, flash to embassies, dig up the visas embossed and flutter overseas.

It fit in to persons, who prop up their brothers and sisters at some stage in harsh times, expected catastrophe and persons who shack their blood for their place of birth, and to those who experience and stay alive of it, it be in the right way to those to acquire injure and pass away for it and in conclusion it be in the right place to ourselves. We can evaluate our expertise even what we done and what can be done best through Independence Day Poems on this coming national day.

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