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Why Pager Systems are Convenient for Restaurants

by pathanewadler

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In all service-oriented enterprises, keeping the customers satisfied is the number-one priority. This means having to work well and work fast—no compromises. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant team tends to work in highly stressful environments but is trained to keep their cool in front of customers.

However, everyone knows that being constantly stressed is an unhealthy disposition and can compromise good work performance. Restaurants can reduce stress levels among the team members by using pagers to communicate with one another. This can also speed up service for customers, making everyone involved happy by the end of the day. When the restaurant service works fast, guests are less likely to consider dining at a different restaurant.

Everyone knows how it feels to become so impatient when waiting for a table that they are compelled to move to a less crowded restaurant, no matter how much they would like to eat in the first one. Part of the reason for this delay is that, even when inside, the customers already seated are still waiting to get served. Hence, using a pager system can help the restaurant staff communicate with their customers and with each other.

In some restaurants, waiting has become a daily occurrence, and even some customers know it enough to accept it. To make things easier for everyone, customers are given their own pagers, so they may visit stores, have a drink at the bar, or take a walk instead of waiting in line until their feet hurt. These pagers can signal to specific customers that they may return to the restaurant to finally be seated, and the pagers themselves are equipped with security devices to prevent customers from going home with them.

Even in restaurants where there is always some degree of waiting time, pagers can make service even faster. Customers can leave their tables and make room for the next because they get their orders and food quickly. The faster this happens, the more tables are served. This translates to higher revenues for the restaurant.

Some people prefer to eat quietly in a quiet atmosphere. These people can lose their appetite if they hear waiters and cooks constantly yelling at each other just to alert one another of guests and orders. Using pagers can help them communicate more efficiently and more quietly.

Pagers can also be used to reinforce communication within the staff. Quiet communication simplifies workflows while keeping stress levels to a minimum. Also, clear messages and alerts help everyone know what to do when they need to do it. For more information, check out

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