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How to Keep Your Used Toronto Car Clean

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Just because your car is secondhand doesn’t give you the leeway to neglect it. If you don’t take care of your used car, you may spend more in repairs, or end up buying a new vehicle altogether. Keep your car in top shape from inside out, and you’ll feel as though you purchased your car from the dealer only yesterday.


Wash the main body of the car


Prepare a hose, soap, sponges, cloths, and two pails of water. Park your car away from sunlight, because the heat may prematurely dry up the soap and leave splotches on your car. Start from the top, so that any dirt sliding towards the bottom can be easily removed. Clean the tires last—as these are usually the dirtiest—using a brush, but don’t be too rough lest you scratch the tires.


Clean the interior


Vacuum every nook and cranny of the upholstery, especially the driver’s seat. You may also wipe the interior with products specially designed for such purposes. The engine, likewise, accumulates dirt over time, so run this over with cleaners. This is also an opportunity to inspect the engine for any problems.


Get rid of junk


Take out anything in the car that shouldn’t be there. For example, if the stuffed toys on the dashboard are making it difficult for you to clean your car’s interior, decide whether you still want to keep them there. Don’t forget to clear out your trunk as well.


Have a second look


After you’ve done everything above, check your car again the next day. Do you go “Wow!” when you look at the used car Toronto dealers sold you, or do you feel as though your car could look better? Get inside your car, sit in the driver’s seat, and think back to the time you purchased the car. Does everything feel right?


Give finishing touches


If there’s anything amiss, do something about it immediately. For instance, if you see a scratch on the surface of the used car Toronto, you can conceal these with a clearcoat pen. Likewise, use tire shine, sold by car maintenance companies, to blacken tires.


The above are only a few things you can do to keep your  used car Toronto looking good. If you notice anything that’s beyond your skill to fix, such as damaged engines or tires, it’s best to take your car to the nearest Toronto dealer. For more information on used car maintenance, read

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