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Code Red Headsets

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The Code Red Headsets company was founded in 1999 and has been providing devices and accessories for radio communication ever since. They provide high quality devices and accessories to their business clients who are not limited to tactical professions such as military, swat and police departments. They also provide business radio users such as commercial property managers, casinos, security teams and hotels and resorts with high quality pieces.

They have a broad line to include pieces that allow you to only listen as well as surveillance microphones, molded earpieces, ear microphones, speaker microphones, replacement batteries for radios, battery chargers, megaphones and connectors for major brands such as Vertex, Kenwood, Motorola and Icom.

We will be talking about the devices made by this company that are used for law enforcement purposes. These devices are used by tactical response teams, first responders and of course law enforcement officers. They offer devices and accessories that are comfortable, durable and compatible with this line of work. They have also over the years provided only the highest and best quality items with warranty programs that are at the top of the tier and they have impeccable customer service as well.


One retailer that carries Code Red Headsets is Range Master Tactical Gear. They have a web store that offers a number of tactical items from different top of the line tactical manufacturers and this manufacture is just one of the many lines that they carry. They carry headsets, earpieces, ear molds, audio adaptors, Bluetooth radio adaptors, center fire earplugs, elbows, radio microphones, radio earpieces, megaphones, head phone covers, shoulder microphones and a number of other small accessories to go with the products.


Some of these items are what you see on the television when you are watching cop shows and there are covert operations that require the recording of surveillance or when a team needs to work together and communicate inconspicuously with each other. Others like the megaphone you would imagine being used when there is some sort of situation where a villain is surrounded by police but is locked inside a building or is holding people hostage. Shoulder microphones are that which you see cops use on a daily basis to keep in touch with base as well as with other cops on the road as they do their patrols.


The items carried by Code Red Headsets really make you thing about the movies. They have that cool factor but in real life they are also highly effective and functional and some of them are extremely necessary as without them certain duties could not be performed adequately. And so these are really essential items that are being provided by Code Red. They create products that make our law enforcement teams effective and allow them to do their jobs at their best. They also work in the same way for first responder teams such as Fire, Search and Rescue and EMS services.


Check out the offerings at Range Master Tactical Gear – they have a wide variety and are bound to have exactly what it is that you are looking for when it comes to radio and communication devices.

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