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Think twice before transferring pension funds from existing

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During retirement income stops, but the monthly expenses keep flowing. With the rising inflation prices of basic living essentials are also going up, your current savings might not be of much help in the future. It is therefore, very important to plan and invest in some good retirement scheme in advance. Pension plan should be carefully chosen to live a comfortable, carefree and relaxed retired life. Many people due to lack of knowledge and understanding end up investing in high charging and low benefit scheme. And, then think of transferring their pension funds from their existing plan to some new plan, which might also result in loss of valuable funds. The decision of transferring pension funds from your existing plan to a new plan should be taken cautiously with the help of free pension advice provided by Pension Review Companies, as this can be difficult and confusing.

Whereas, there are sensible situations when an individual should transfer his pension funds to other plans for avoiding loss of valuable funds and gain benefits. As life grows there are many changes in life with time like employment changes, income and location changes. Therefore, one should always evaluate his existing plan’s performance in the market with changing times. If he thinks that his current plan is underperforming and charging high fees, then he should consider transferring the ‘pension fund transfer’ option. Another situation is if an individual wants to relocate to other country after retirement, he needs to transfer his pension funds from his existing plan to Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). One can also consider transferring pension funds in case if his company is undergoing a process of merger or acquisition by another company. These all are valid scenarios where transferring funds will give good benefits in the future.

It is recommended to take a free pension review from a licensed Independent Financial Advisor and take professional advice before the transfer. They are expert people in the industry and are well qualified for the job. They will evaluate all the risks involved correctly and will suggest the right pension plan according to your need. They will compare your existing plan and the new plan and will workout to find whether you will benefit from the transfer of pension funds or end up losing. Every person should think twice before investing and transferring funds from one scheme to another to calculate the risk and benefit factors in it. These days it is pretty easy to do the analysis and surveys with the help of Pension Review Companies.

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