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Jack Storms and the Fine Art of Cold Glass Sculpture

by rickpetko9179

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In the field of glass sculpture, cold glass art is a relatively new process. Around the world, only a few devote themselves to renderingglass designsin this medium. Among them are The Ukrainian born Sergey Kostantinov, Stephen Beardsell in the United kingdom, Victor de Bourgie, a Canadian born in Montreal, Quebec and John Kuhn, Christopher Ries and Jack Storms, all Americans. Each brings to this form of contemporary art, a specific approach. Eachglass sculptorcreates fine art and not simply practical glass pieces. In fact, sculpture by these various artists finds its way into some of the finest fine art galleries around the world.


Among the most unique approaches to this craft and fine art is the glass sculptor, Jack Storms. His work is found in many a prestigious glass gallery, including several in California, Florida, Hawaii and Nevada. In fact, a small glass gallery in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, is proud and pleased to carry his incredible coldglass art . The reasons why Jack Storms, as a sculptor artist is popular are myriad.


It is true that many artists createart in glass. Yet, the type of fine arts produced by many in this genre is based on the older method. They are glass blown, rely on hot sculpting or are created using lampworking. A cold glass artist works with glass but turns to a method often referred to as cold working. The glass has been heated then cooled. The sculpture artist then works on the material. During the process, the sculpture artist may also combine diachronic glass with pure lead crystal. Using grinders, polishers and sandblasters, he or she shapes and engraves the glass to ensure the resulting work is unique and finished to perfection. The entire process takes anywhere from six weeks to, in one case, two years, to complete.


Although frequently used to repair broken and damaged glass art, Jack Storms has taken the craft to a new height. His glass designs are actually sculpture. The optic glass that embraces the core of every glass art creates a mesmerizing light show for the mind and soul. Storms’ work revels in the flash of light and color. The result of the intensive and physically demanding art form is truly art in glass.


The fine arts that arise from the cold glass process are remarkable in their quality. The sculpture artist, Jack Storms, has been commissioned to create works that are both rare and symbolic. They include:

  • The LA Music Awards

  • An emissarial present to the Nigerian President to denote the occurrence of the first blood bank on the African continent


  • The Fireman’s Bell, a remarkable work containing 8,000 pieces of glass: optic unleaded, optic leaded dichoroic and starphire, created in honor of firemen everywhere – It resides in the Firehouse Arts Center in Pleasanton, CA

  • Optic Crystal Baseball Bat. This memorable piece of contemporary artcomprises 3,000 pieces of glass fashioned by a master cold glass artist to commemorate the 3,000 hits made in the Majors by Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees


You may well wonder how to commission art of this caliber? Indeed, you must be prepared to wait if you want a sculpture by Jack Storms. This cold glass artist, a master glass sculptor, has a waiting list of several months.


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