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A Stroll in the Mall

by m11231

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A Stroll in the Mall




by Marcus Maurice

Mall walking is a hit with senior citizens.



Walking has always been praised as one of the best ways for elderly people to get some exercise. It is fairly easy, isn't overly _(1)_ on bones or joints, and doesn't make the heartbeat rise to dangerous levels. When most people think about taking a walk, they imagine briskly traveling on the streets or hiking in the mountains; _(2)_ do they picture the sterile, corporate world of the interior of a mall. However, over the past few decades, mall walking has become very popular, especially with senior citizens.

   It makes a lot of _(3)_ for malls to open their doors early for walkers. First of all, the mall is usually _(4)_ except for maintenance workers, security guards, and shop workers who are getting ready for the day. Therefore, mall walkers are not _(5)_ with customer traffic at all. Secondly, mall walkers may _(6)_ in a food court after exercising and buy something to eat or drink. They may even spend the rest of the day shopping, adding to the economy of the mall. Finally, something as easy as unlocking the doors to the mall early can produce a lot of good publicity for a mall, which in turn, makes customers _(7)_.

   Some mall walkers go to the same mall every time, while others vary their _(8)_ and visit different ones frequently. The malls with the biggest mall walking communities usually run special programs, which can _(9)_ a variety of things: blood pressure checks, free bottles of water, or even computerized cards that log the kilometers that have been walked. Many mall walkers now prefer the safety, comfort, and reliability of good weather in malls to actually taking a _(10)_ stroll around the park. The next time your grandmother or grandfather wants to get some exercise, have them head to the nearest mall.


說明:請依文意在所提供的 (A) 到 (h) 12 個選項中,選出最適當的10 個選項。

(A) include (B) loyal  (C) leisurely (D) sense (E) interfering (F) stressful (G) surrounded (H) rarely (I) unoccupied (J) congregate (K) communicating (L) routines