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Spending a night with a Gorgeous Egyptian Escort

by bennycamp

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Everyone’s heard the song, ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’. It could be that The Bangles were trying to persuade people to walk with their hands palm up and palm down, but we doubt that. All we know is that is was a number one hit in 1986, and has remained an anthem ever since. Predominantly at school reunions and at the end of the night where everyone is so hammered, they’ll likely dance to whatever you put on. Though we’re sure that no amount of alcohol could coax drinkers into dancing to Crazy Frog. That song made our ears bleed and could not believe it’s popularity, though recent chart toppings make us think the days of the novelty song are over. This is most certainly a good thing, and should be adhered to for the foreseeable future.

After some research, we do do these things in order to bring our readers verified facts, it seems the song was penned by a Mr Liam Sternberg, who observed people walking awkwardly, reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian walkers. How he knows this, we’re not entirely sure. For we believe, we can’t be certain, that the Ancient Egyptian empire ceased to exist around 30 BC, having originated around 3,000 BC, a fair time before camera phones. So we’re curious as to his references? Of course, there are the numerous pot paintings from which we can assume the Egyptians definitely had some of nervous gait in their wander. But to compose a song purely from this is quite extraordinary, we feel. It’s also important to note that those representing the walk of the ancient humans that was walked on the earth in the Egyptian fashion were in fact attempting to keep their balance on a notably shaky ferry journey. This makes us laugh ridiculous amounts. Next time you hold onto the Millenium Bridge because of an almighty gale, be careful who is watching as you might get a song written about your Titanic impression.

But back to the story. The song was shipped around and then offered to The Bangles who agreed to record it. This makes us feel bad for the song; it must have made it feel incredibly unwanted. Luckily, this is such a big city, London that is, that there are so many things that are appreciated for the goodness that they offer. Keeping with the Egyptian theme, the Egyptian food scene is on the rise in the city, the Egyptian escorts of the city epitomises the classic and seductive looks of the ancient people, think Cleopatra, and their cultured background makes them real conversationalists. That can’t be said about everyone you’ve ever met before, surely. With several famous faces making an appearance in the video, it was a sure fire hit. The re-release at the turn of the nineties, in an attempt to ignite the interest in the band and highlight their upcoming greatest hits album, ensures it remains an absolute tune.

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