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Overview of LED light bulbs

by liyo89

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With increasing global warming, everyone is becoming more and more aware of the impending doom of the human race. The speed with which the temperatures are rising across the earth and the ice sheets are melting, increasing the water levels exorbitantly, it does not seem to be a distant future when we will be annihilated from the face of the earth. The least we can do is to mitigate the results and can also cause a delay in the devastation process if not stop it completely. One such attempt will involve the usage of energy efficient LED Light Bulbs.


As per its definition, LED refers to light emitting diode. For those of us whose knowledge is diminished when it comes to science, it means a semiconductor diode that glows when a voltage is applied. That is why LED can be used for lighting purposes. The LED semiconductor converts mostly all the electrical energy that it obtains into light when it is charged. That is why LED bulbs have led to the advancement of technology with which the bulb can stay lit for 60,000 hours as compared to 10,000 hours for their CFL counterparts.


An LED light bulb has several advantages which make it safe when compared with its other counterparts. These advantages include low level of energy consumption which helps make consumption economical. The life of an LED bulb is longer than traditional lighting. Normal lights are useless when it comes to resistance to shocks and vibrations but this is not the case with LED Bulbs. As compared with other traditional bulbs, an LED light bulb does not contain mercury making it comparatively safer. Along with absence of mercury, it does not radiate any infrared lighting or ultra violet rays as well making it better for the environment. An LED bulb has great colourful properties making it very suitable when a light spectrum needs to be made.


These LED light bulbs are available in huge and enormous range, which makes them perfect for any type of lighting needs. From special effect LEDs to LED strip lights and under cabinet LED lights, you can easily opt for any of them depending on your needs and requirements. So, if you are looking for an environment friendly option and wish to make long term profits then LED bulbs are absolutely suitable.

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